Our Collaborative Approach



Driven by Pace Girls: Girls Leadership Council

Pace’s Girls Leadership Council (GLC) exposes teen girls to leadership skills, various careers and what can come after Pace, while helping them improve academically to empower them for future success in their careers and in life. ​The GLC consists of up to 30 girls representing 22 communities.​ The GLC is guided by Pace senior leadership, community partners, and experts in the field of leadership.

Two Pace girls of the GLC

Driven by Community Partners: Girls Coordinating Council

Pace currently operates a Girls Coordinating Council (GCC) in four communities and growing. The Girls Coordinating Council is a community collaborative that uses data to identify priorities, map system assets and challenges, and develop coordinated efforts to address community needs and improve the overall well-being of girls. Along with local community leaders, businesses, non-profits, local and state government, law enforcement and others, the voices of girls and young women themselves inform the council.

Community Collaboratives

Pace serves as a community catalyst by convening Girls Coordinating Councils (GCC) so stakeholders can influence favorable conditions for girls and young women. Each community has its own unique set of activities, outputs and outcomes depending upon its needs, strengths, priority goals, target population, existing resources, and capacity.

Contact us about Community Collaboration at CommunityCollaborative@pacecenter.org.