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Pace Center for Girls Palm Beach, located in Palm Springs, Florida, opened in 1996. Since that time, Pace Palm Beach has served more than 2,000 girls through our academic Day Program and Pace Reach programs.

Services we offer

  • Reach
  • Girls Leadership Council
  • Goal Setting and Ongoing Process Monitoring
  • Academic Education
  • Counseling and Mental Health Services
  • Service Learning
  • Career Preparation


Stories from Pace Palm Beach

Kiani's Story

I remember being a little girl graduating from kindergarten thinking one day I would be a big girl graduating from high school. What I did not know then was that it would be a struggle to get here. Before coming to Pace, my high school time was filled with skipping and running away from school staff. By the time I got to Pace, I had failed every class, I was in 11th grade, and graduation was nowhere in my future from what I could imagine.

Transitioning to Pace was not smooth either because I was resistant to change. I wasn’t used to people caring, trying, or bothering me to get my stuff together. With the help of my team, I learned how to control my temper when things weren’t going my way and I learned to self-advocate. Soon, things began to look up for me. I was being given opportunities no one would have thought I would be, and my grades started to improve. I realized that graduation was possible. I even got honor roll and now I am a proud graduate of the Class of 2023!

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