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About Pace Palm Beach

Pace Center for Girls Palm Beach, located in Palm Springs, Florida, opened in 1996. Since that time, Pace Palm Beach has served more than 2,000 girls through our academic Day Program and Pace Reach programs.

Services we offer

  • Reach
  • Girls Leadership Council
  • Goal Setting and Ongoing Process Monitoring
  • Academic Education
  • Counseling and Mental Health Services
  • Service Learning
  • Career Preparation

Stories from Pace Palm Beach

Angie's Story

“My childhood was spent in a very toxic household. Growing up, I experienced lots of substance, emotional, and physical abuse. These harmful living conditions led me down the wrong path and I began doing drugs, failing all of my classes, and skipping school. My mental health needs at the time were not being met which resulted in a call to the police. In the police car, I met an officer who encouraged me to seek help at Pace Center for Girls. The positive and supportive environment I experienced at Pace allowed me to focus on my academics and mental health and I graduated in 2022 with my High School diploma as Pace Palm Beach’s valedictorian.”

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