Vision, Mission, & Guiding Principles


A world where all girls and young women have POWER, in a JUST and EQUITABLE society.


Pace provides girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training, and advocacy.


Pace values all girls and young women, believing each one deserves an opportunity to find her voice, achieve her potential, and celebrate a life defined by responsibility, dignity, serenity, and grace.

Values & Guiding Principles

Pace Center for Girls program is built on nine core principles to guide our work starting with the most central, Honor the Female Spirit.

Honor the Female Spirit We value and promote the female perspective by respecting its distinct needs, creating safe and gender-responsive environments, and celebrating the female experience.

Focus on Strengths We identify strengths in our girls, their families, our staff, and our supporters. Using these strengths as our foundation, we build strong, confident, and productive community participants.

Act with Integrity and Positive Intent We believe that all actions and decisions must be guided by the highest ethical principles, respecting the uniqueness of all involved and honoring each other’s differences.

Embrace Growth and Change We believe that everyone is capable of remarkable growth, and only by encouraging change can individuals, organizations, and society reach their full potential.

Value the Wisdom of Time We understand that patience can be as powerful as immediate action, and each has its place. We value the discernment required for their effective use.

Exhibit Courage Courage is essential to making a difference. It enables us to speak for those who cannot, take risks to do what is right, deliver just and fair consequences, and be accountable for our actions.

Seek Excellence We strive for excellence in all we do by holding true to our mission, while consistently meeting high standards of performance, reflecting critically upon our accomplishments, seeking innovative solutions, and believing all things are possible.

Create Partnerships We believe in developing effective partnerships and long-term relationships by listening to our staff, our girls and their families, and our communities, incorporating each person’s input and involving them in our decision-making process.

Invest in the Future We work to create an environment that fosters the long-term growth and development of our girls, staff, agency, and communities. We believe this is necessary to create results that have a lasting impact.