There is great in every girl.

Pace is a supportive community for girls to build healthy relationships, plan for their future and overcome trauma.

All girls, regardless of their story, deserve support on the road to becoming strong, compassionate and successful women.

When properly supported, all girls have the power to achieve their own vision of success, which leads to positive outcomes for themselves, their families and communities. Girls face challenges in public schools, the juvenile justice system and in accessing mental health care. For girls who require additional support or have experienced trauma, finding the best path forward in these systems can be overwhelming.

Our teachers and counselors offer academic courses, counseling, career preparation and more to help girls achieve their personal and professional goals beyond what they believed possible.

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Pace employs a support system throughout our holistic approach that utilizes our three key pillars: Gender-responsive, Strengths-based, and Trauma-informed. Click below to learn more about our pillars.

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Pace’s Day Program

Ready to join us at a Pace center?

Pace provides safe and supportive academic and counseling programs to help girls understand their past and prepare for their future. Our team of counselors and educators develops individualized approaches based on each girl’s unique strengths, life experiences and needs. We provide girls the opportunity to earn credits towards high school graduation.

Girls who enroll at one of our centers will get the opportunity to connect with other girls with similar lived experiences and receive support from our exceptional team of teachers and counselors. Each center's curriculum aligns with the public school district, which ensures a smoother transition back to a girl's neighborhood school. 

Pace Provides:

  • Year-round school and services at no cost
  • Small in-person classes
  • Individual academic planning and support
  • Personal guidance, counseling, and goal planning
  • Career and college preparation
  • Earn credits for graduation

Pace’s Reach Program

Our Reach Program comes to you.

Pace’s team of therapists and counselors offers social, emotional, behavioral health and support services for girls ages 11-17 and their families. Reach therapists operate in schools and in the community providing services in a variety of locations.

Reach helps girls build relationships, learn communication skills, build positive coping skills, improve grades and more from the comfort of familiar places. Our approach cares for girls’ physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and relational development needs. We recognize that the concerns in one area may impact other and require support to allow girls to fully develop into healthy adults.

Pace Reach Program Services include:

  • Therapy services - individual, peer group and family support sessions
  • Individual goal setting and development of coping skills and strategies for future success
  • Development of skills to manage behavior in frustrating situations
  • Support with coordinating services to meet individual needs

I'm a Pace Girl

Once a Pace Girl, Always a Pace Girl.
I’m Alivia,
Pace Class of 2021
Through Pace, I learned my worth and how to give myself the credit I deserve. I attend Fort Valley State University and am in the Cooperative Developmental Energy Program. I am the most resilient person I know and because of Pace, I can recognize that.
And I'm a Pace Girl.
I'm Melanie,
Pace Class of 2022
Coming to Pace helped me grow and become confident in myself. I’m looking forward to going to college to major in psychology, so I can help others like Pace helped me.
And I'm a Pace Girl.
I'm Tyra,
Pace Class of 2022
Before Pace, I skipped class a lot and wasn’t worried about my grades. Pace played a big role in me graduating high school. I could have given up, but I persevered.
And I'm a Pace Girl.