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Pace Center for Girls Hillsborough, located in Tampa, Florida, opened in 1998. Since that time, Pace Hillsborough has served 2,100 girls throughout Hillsborough County through our academic Day Program and Pace Reach programs. We partner with a variety of community agencies including USF, DACCO, the Arts Council and Community Mental Health, to name a few, to provide our girls with a multitude of community resources to best meet their development and social service needs.

Services we offer

  • Reach
  • Girls Leadership Council
  • Goal Setting and Ongoing Process Monitoring
  • Academic Education
  • Counseling and Mental Health Services
  • Service Learning
  • Career Preparation


Stories from Pace Hillsborough

Lana's Story

When Lana enrolled at Pace, she was on the brink of dropping out. With only a few credits and no motivation, Lana feared graduation was impossible. She faced so many challenges in her life, it was difficult to prioritize school. At Pace, Lana received the support she needed to work through her difficulties. She learned to cope with overwhelming emotions creating space to prioritize her academics. Through PaceWorks Lana learned more about her career interests, she toured colleges and universities and set her sights on a goal of becoming a nurse. Two years after enrolling at Pace, Lana proudly walked across the stage with the class of 2023. She will be studying nursing at a local college.

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