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Pace envisions a world where all girls and young women have POWER, in a JUST and EQUITABLE society.
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Find the Great in Every Girl

Pace provides free year-round middle school and high school academics, case management, counseling, and life skills development in a trauma-informed and gender-responsive environment.

Pace is one of the only models for girls in the country with a proven evidence base. A research study conducted in 2019 found that Pace nearly doubles the likelihood of girls being on track to graduate from high school as compared to girls with the same risk factors that did not attend Pace.

3,000+ girls
cared for each year
40,000+ girls
served since 1985
22 locations
across Florida and Georgia
Four Pace girls in different color Pace logo t-shirts

Before Pace

Were failing one or more classes prior to attending Pace
Were previously involved with the juvenile justice system
Were suspended or expelled prior to Pace

After Pace

Improved academically at Pace
Had no involvement with the juvenile justice system after one year
Were in school, higher education or employed after one year
I'm a Pace Girl
Once a Pace Girl, Always a Pace Girl.
I'm Aziyah, Pace Class of 2020
Before coming to Pace, I hated school. I struggled a lot with depression and had recently dropped out of 10th grade. Thanks to my teachers and counselors, I was able to handle my depression and start to focus on my grades.
And I'm a Pace Girl.
I'm Sriya, Pace Class of 2006
I am Psychologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. I always find myself talking about Pace. It is the foundation of everything I am doing today.
And I'm a Pace Girl.
I'm Savannah, Pace Class of 2012
Pace brought me through so many things, even as an adult now. I grew a sisterhood with the girls and family with the staff. Not many would think I have been through the things I have overcome. Some days it’s still hard for me to believe.
And I'm a Pace Girl.
Our Pace Locations

Pace currently operates in 22 communities throughout Florida and Georgia.