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Find the Great in Every Girl

Pace's Day Program

Pace’s team of counselors and educators provide free year-round middle and high school academic services, counseling, life-skills training, career preparation and more, developing individualized approaches based on each girl’s unique strengths, life experiences and needs.

Pace's Reach Program Services

Pace’s team of therapists and counselors offers social, emotional, behavioral health and support services for girls ages 11-17 and their families. Reach therapists travel to girls to provide services in their home, school or community, and also meet with girls online.

Our Impact by the Numbers

Backed by over three decades of experience and proven methods, Pace's nationally recognized early intervention model has proven to be successful in curbing unemployment and involvement in the juvenile justice system.

A research study conducted in 2019 found that Pace nearly doubles the likelihood of girls being on track to graduate from high school as compared to girls with the same risk factors that did not attend Pace.

3,000+ girls

cared for each year

23 Communities

across Florida, Georgia and South Carolina

40,000+ girls

served since 1985

17 Reach locations

across Florida, Georgia and South Carolina

CENTER Day Program

Pace’s center-based day program provides year-round education, counseling, and life skills training for a comprehensive and individualized experience for middle and high school-age girls.


Girls served



8 in 10

Were failing school six months
prior to attending Pace


7 in 10

7 out of 10 hearts

Demonstrated behaviors related to

juvenile delinquency


9 in 10

Were disengaged in school and community life



8 in 10

8 in 10 books

Improved academically*
*Measured by Florida STAR testing


8 in 10

8 in 10 hearts

Strengthened or maintained self-efficacy, the belief
that you can succeed


10 in 10

10 in 10 girls

Are engaged in their community, measured by being
enrolled in school, higher education, or employment

REACH Program Services

Pace Reach is a therapeutic and counseling program offering social, emotional, and behavioral health and support services for girls ages 11–17 and their families. Reach therapists provide services in the home, school or community, and also meet with girls online.


Girls served



5 in 10

Were feeling sad or hopeless, including thoughts of self-harm


6 in 10

Were disengaged in school and community life



8 in 10

Improved healthy social relationships with peers
and family members


10 in 10

Are engaged in their community,
measured by an increase in healthy behaviors

The Latest

Empowering Future Leaders: Alexis Journey to College and Career Success

At Pace Center for Girls, we celebrate all our girls’ successes as they look towards the future! College Signing Day celebrated on May 1, is a monumental occasion, marked by a commitment to inspire students to reach higher. This initiative, presented by Better Make Room, celebrates all students who have made the decision to pursue […]

Empowering Girls with Career and College Preparation

Pace Center for Girls received a $100,000 grant from State Farm Insurance to support career and college preparation. The funding supports Pace’s comprehensive vocational and education program dedicated to providing girls, who have faced adversity, with the necessary tools to obtain a high school diploma or GED, long term employability skills and to pursue an education past high school, whether at a professional training program, the military, a community college or a four-year college or university. 

Empowering Voices Through Poetry

At Pace, we recognize April as National Poetry Month, a time to honor the voices of our girls who use spoken word as a tool for healing, empowerment, and community building. For many of the girls we serve, spoken word is more than just poetry—it’s a lifeline, a means of expression that transcends traditional forms […]

Pace Collier at Immokalee Receives $180,000 in Federal Funding to Enhance Safety Measures for Girls

The funding will enable Pace Collier to enhance its facilities with advanced security measures, increasing the safety and well-being of Pace girls and staff.


I'm a Pace Girl

Once a Pace Girl, Always a Pace Girl.
I’m Alivia,
Pace Class of 2021
Through Pace, I learned my worth and how to give myself the credit I deserve. I attend Fort Valley State University and am in the Cooperative Developmental Energy Program. I am the most resilient person I know and because of Pace, I can recognize that.
And I'm a Pace Girl.
I'm Melanie,
Pace Class of 2022
Coming to Pace helped me grow and become confident in myself. I’m looking forward to going to college to major in psychology, so I can help others like Pace helped me.
And I'm a Pace Girl.
I'm Tyra,
Pace Class of 2022
Before Pace, I skipped class a lot and wasn’t worried about my grades. Pace played a big role in me graduating high school. I could have given up, but I persevered.
And I'm a Pace Girl.

Our Pace Locations

Pace currently operates in 23 communities throughout Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.