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Letters from the

Executive Leadership Team

Mary Marx
President & CEO
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Thresa Giles
Chief Business Officer
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Yessica Cancel
Chief Operating Officer
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Teddy Thompson
Chief Advancement Officer
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Letter from the

President & CEO

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Looking back, 2021 was a year of mixed emotions. Being fluid, flexible, agile and patient drove us forward as we navigated numerous unique challenges. This year’s impact report reflects the progress of our efforts on two fronts: Combating a once-in-a-generation pandemic and taking action to foster racial and social equity. 

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact our girls, their families and our communities. Our prime focus was supporting the social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs of our girls and families in a safe and supportive environment. Centers resumed providing in-person services in August of 2020 as our girls continued working toward their academic and counseling goals.

At the fall 2020 virtual All About Girls Summit, we announced our new vision statement: A world where all girls and young women have Power, in a Just and Equitable society. This vision was developed with a recognition that emphasizing the values that bind us together and adopting new values of shared power, of justice and of equity, can restore the trust that allows society to flourish. 

Despite the challenges faced this year, our efforts have yielded historic growth. We announced the expansion of our Reach Program Services into South Carolina, our first efforts in that state. This expansion, in partnership with the South Carolina State Legislature, will provide counseling and therapeutic services to girls and their families in northeastern South Carolina, furthering our goal of serving more girls in more communities across the country.

The dedication and resilience of our staff, board members, volunteers and donors helped find the great in every girl during a time that continues to challenge the health and overall well-being of our society. We are proud of the efforts of our girls, who persevered in the face of unique challenges. This year has clearly demonstrated the importance and significance of human connection and reinforced the need for us to unite in support of girls and young women with a common vision of a just and equitable society.

Mary Marx
President & CEO


Letter from the

Chief Business Officer

Dear Friends and Supporters,

In a year fraught with uncertainty and instability around the world, we saw the needs of girls intensify. The services we provide became a lifeline for many girls who saw COVID-19 exacerbate family instability, economic vulnerability and mental health needs. Reinforcing and expanding our operations is and has always been a top priority to sustain our growth and provide every girl the opportunity to succeed. 

Despite global challenges, we rose to historic heights and continued to provide the best possible services and care. Our revenue increased to the highest levels in our history while ensuring 83% of funding went directly to our program and our girls. We converted to a new comprehensive financial management system to handle additional growth and foster innovative approaches across the organization. The Information Technology team transitioned our services to virtual platforms, ensuring all girls and staff had stable and reliable access to technology and internet service while simultaneously increasing the level of security needed to protect confidential data. We also took steps to enhance our accountability to our public funders and developed new systems to track program performance. 

Strengthening our core is critical to ensuring we have a stable foundation to grow in new communities and serve more girls. This growth is centered around our vision of a world where all girls and young women have Power, in a Just and Equitable society. Our focus on this vision is unwavering, as we seek to provide every girl an opportunity to find her voice. The collective future of our society greatly depends on the contribution of young women. We must ensure that equal opportunity is provided to all so that girls can be lifted up and encouraged to use their voices to fight for their beliefs.

This work must be grounded in love. And it must reflect a true belief in what our society can become if this vision is achieved. There is no shortage of potential in our girls who will be the next generation of leaders. Join us in the movement to empower these important voices and seek justice, power and equity in our society.

Thresa Giles
Chief Business Officer


Letter from the

Chief Operating Officer

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Although not without its struggles, this past year has provided many opportunities for us to take stock of the importance of human connection. As we began to implement the complex process of returning to in-person learning and support services, we were also grappling with the countless instances of racial and social injustice that continue to plague our society. Our new vision statement, "A world where all girls and young women have Power, in a Just and Equitable Society," drove our mindset and centered our focus.

In June 2021, we released a research paper titled: “Building Equitable Evidence of Social Impact,” which sought to link life outcomes with participatory measurement, such as surveys, focus groups and town halls. This research was conducted via focus groups and interviews, which ultimately highlighted the importance of blending participatory research measures with empirical measures to build evidence of program impact and create organizational and cultural benefits. Aligning our vision statement with this work reinforces our pursuit of how this world must look and why our girls are at the center of everything we do.

Our staff cannot care for our girls unless we care for them first. Facing new and unique challenges, our objective was to continue to recruit, train and retain the best talent possible so our girls can grow and learn from the best. Our focus on health and wellness represents an investment in our staff that goes beyond their time at work, and we listened to our staff to tailor and grow our benefits package to meet their needs this past year.

The resilience of our girls and staff inspires us to continue the fight forward for our girls and for racial and social equity in all areas of our society. When faced with some of the biggest obstacles imaginable, we have risen to meet the challenges and will continue advocating for all in the movement to guide girls and young women down the path toward success.

Yessica Cancel
Chief Operating Officer


Letter from the

Chief Advancement Officer

Dear Friends and Supporters,

When we realize that each one of us has the power to create meaningful and lasting change, we can wake up every day filled with confidence and courage to rise and meet whatever challenges we might face. Over the past year, it felt like every day brought our communities and our world new and different challenges, and Pace was no different. Facing an increased demand for services, our focus needed to be on sustaining and growing the resources necessary to meet our girls’ evolving needs. We sought to create deeper connections with our existing donor base while continuing to expand our reach to engage new donors and supporters. I am proud to say, due to advocates and supporters like you, we have more than doubled our online giving, broadened our audience and created meaningful, new relationships with donors committed to finding the great in every girl. 

The importance of strengthening our base to encourage sustainable growth helps us work toward our vision of a world where all girls and young women have Power, in a Just and Equitable society. This bold statement recognizes that our girls deserve a world where they can begin each day with the courage and confidence to stand up and use their voices. Girls like Hazel, who was plagued by peer pressure, facing suspensions and worried she wouldn’t graduate high school. At Pace, she found her footing. Now, she uses her voice to help others by serving on the Girls Leadership Council. With her improved grades and outlook, she plans to harness the power of her voice and her skills to become a pediatrician.

Our vision statement focuses our attention on developing the next generation of empowered women. This past year, our girls joined together to design and implement a service-learning project in partnership with
State Farm. Girls from all 21 Centers assembled and delivered more than 2,300 care packages to seniors; coming together as one Pace in the service of others demonstrates our commitment to this vision and builds the society our girls deserve.

To achieve our vision of a just and equitable society, we must take time to truly listen and learn from one another and stand up for what is right and what is fair for our girls. As we look toward the next year, our resolve must stay strong, our focus must stay true to our mission and our girls must stay at the center of everything we do.

Teddy Thompson
Chief Advancement Officer

Our Stories


Pace Broward


Brianna was having a difficult time coping with her past traumas. It was so intense that she developed a substance abuse dependency. Deflated and without any positive outlets, she ended up at Girls Court. Luckily, once referred to Pace Center for Girls, her spirit began to ignite once again. During her intake interview, Brianna said with confidence, “I want to do better and be better,” and that is exactly what she did. Through Pace Reach, Brianna has intentionally worked on strengthening her communication and coping skills and has begun practicing and applying techniques to heighten her authentic self. With encouragement, Brianna has started her own art business while developing her art expression skills, taking artwork requests from various customers. She has improved her school attendance, raised her grades to all A’s and B’s, and graduated high school this past June.


Pace Citrus


"I came to Pace eight months ago because I was skipping classes every day and running away from home. I decided to attend Pace because I didn’t want my path to look like the ones my parents went down. Since I started at Pace, I have improved my grades, joined the Girls Leadership Council, and participated in events such as Pace Day at the Capitol. I have been provided many opportunities to develop leadership skills and stretch out of my comfort zone. When I complete my time at Pace, I plan to graduate from my home school and attend a college to major in art. After graduating from college, I plan to start a career as a tattoo artist."


Pace Collier at Immokalee


When Kimberlee came to Pace Collier, she was very closed off, irritable, and angry. Her mother and grandfather had recently passed away and her father was in jail. She did not want to talk to anyone or participate in class. She slowly started opening up to her counselor last summer and they have created a strong partnership. She has become more focused, dedicated to her schoolwork, and improved her attitude. "I never thought I would go to therapy but here I am. Pace has helped me find my confidence and motivation in life. I had suicidal thoughts before meeting our therapist, Ms. Jama. I talked to her and she helped me. I don't talk to many people about my personal life but I talk to her. Don't give up yet, life has just started."


Pace Escambia-Santa Rosa


"My life took a turn when my parents separated my freshman year of high school. Despite having to move away with my dad and his girlfriend, I excelled in school and was even taking senior classes and getting college credit during my junior year. Then, my dad suddenly decided that he no longer wanted to support me. I moved frequently, staying with various family members in different states. I got so far behind I just dropped out of school. I made my way back to Florida and enrolled in Pace, where I found the help and support system I needed to excel again. I represented my district in the City of Pensacola Youth Council, was on the Girls Leadership Council and gave the commencement speech at my class of 2021 graduation. I’m now enrolled at Pensacola State College and plan to pursue a career in the medical field."


Pace Hernando


When Courtney first came to Pace, she spoke about the recent loss of her father to cancer, as well as the loss of her brother who was recently murdered. While Courtney and her mom struggled through their tears, Courtney continued to attend Pace. Through it all, they continued to support one another. Courtney is not only resilient but extremely responsible and communicates with us to let us know how she’s doing. After being behind, due to missing so much school for her health and family issues, Courtney has officially completed her middle school requirements.


Pace Hillsborough


"I enrolled at Pace because I was failing all my classes, fighting a lot, and skipping school. Things were challenging not only at school but also at home, I lived with my grandmother and three sisters. The staff at Pace saw something in me from the start and they never gave up, eventually I started to see it too. I worked with my counselor on improving my behavior and attitude, I learned how to express my feelings and accept support. I am so happy that after a lot of hard work I earned my high school diploma and will be enrolling in a nursing program to become a registered nurse. My goal is to have a successful career so that I can be the best mom for my son. I am so grateful for all that Pace has done for me."


Pace Lee


Ximena enrolled at Pace Lee in April 2018 struggling with truancy and academic issue, related to a history of abuse and homelessness. Ximena excelled at Pace, taking full advantage of the social services and academic support. At Pace, Ximena learned to establish boundaries with her family and improve her school attendance. Last spring, Ximena had an opportunity to tour Florida SouthWestern College. After graduating in June, she is currently enrolled at FSWC full time and working part-time. Ximena no longer allows others to stop her from achieving her goals and hopes to complete a business management degree.


Pace Leon


"I came to Pace from Leon High School, it was a rough time for me overall. I have older parents which meant older siblings growing up alone having to depend on friends and few family members. My experience at Pace was a roller coaster with the battle within myself, but I’ve overcome that battle. I’m at a new high school trying to achieve my goals. After high school I am planning to attend to Tallahassee Community College for the TCC to FAMU program. I want to be a CEO and be successful in life. I thank the Pace Leon staff so much for everything they helped me achieve."


Pace Macon


Sarah is a fierce protector of her family and is a natural-born leader. She can think fast, and is solutions-focused and action-oriented. While these are great leadership qualities, they have caused her to occasionally clash with authority figures. Her behavior has also made it difficult to establish meaningful and constructive relationships with her peers and teachers.

While enrolled with the Pace Reach Counseling Program in Macon, Sarah learned about her own personal communication style, and how she shows and receives love with friends and family. She recognized her protective instinct and realized it stems from watching her family struggle with poverty, the absence of a father figure, and witnessing her mother in an abusive relationship.


*Name and details have been adjusted in this story for anonymity.


Pace Manatee


"My name is Zykeria and I am a proud 2021 Pace Graduate! I came to Pace because I was behind in school and was struggling at home. My counselor, Ms. Yolanda, helped me better communicate with my mom, and my teachers helped me in class. During the pandemic I worked at a retirement home, but I also stayed focused and earned 22.5 credits – plus I served on the Girls’ Leadership Council! Now I’m attending Manatee Technical College in the Patient Care Program. After I work for a year and save money, I will become a Registered Nurse."


Pace Marion


When Terra’s father suggested Pace Marion, she was afraid she wouldn’t know anyone and didn’t want to attend. But once at Pace, she quickly met new friends, some who had similar background experiences to hers. “It made me feel better that other girls had been through the same things I had, and I didn’t feel so alone anymore.” Terra is now a student leader, often helping other girls learn to acclimate when they first start attending Pace. She definitely creates new partnerships on a regular basis, and was named Student of the Month for August 2021.


Pace Miami


"When I first arrived at Pace, my grades were not good. I have always had a nonchalant attitude and I didn’t care about my grades or school in general, but with the help of my teachers and counselors, that changed. It never really occurred to me that my grades might stop me from graduating and once I realized that, all the teachers and staff did everything in their power to make sure I did what I was supposed to do. They encouraged me about getting my grades up, getting all my credits, and meeting my graduation requirements. I met all my goals and qualified to graduate early."


Pace Orange


At 15 years old, Sheylin already knew she needed help. Instability at home left her stressed and seeking comfort in the wrong places. She was behind in school and scared of what her future held. Her parents were worried, too. Pace helped Sheylin set healthy goals, develop stronger coping mechanisms and see her potential. Exposure to college programs, consistent emotional support and individualized academic planning is helping Sheylin build the future she wants. When she grows up, her dream is to be an entrepreneur.


Pace Palm Beach


"I came to the States as a young girl from Honduras and only spoke Spanish. It was difficult to come here as an immigrant child and assimilate into a new culture. One of my biggest challenges was finding success in the educational system. I didn’t fit in with peers. I felt overlooked and like I didn’t belong. Pace became my safe place and my family. Now, I’ve graduated as the class Valedictorian, am employed, and working on enrolling in college to become a Paralegal. I am so grateful to say that I am a proud graduate from Pace Palm Beach."


Pace Pasco


I came to Pace for the first time in 2018 after I was struggling academically and with some negative peer influences. I came back a second time in the Fall of 2020, when I was really ready to make positive changes in my life. I wasn't sure I would graduate, but I was motivated to become the best version of myself. Thanks to the staff at Pace, I learned how to advocate for myself, accept myself, and take personal responsibility for my actions and choices. I am proud to say I maintained straight A's for the entire school year and I completed my graduation requirements at the end of the summer term. I have a job and will be starting college and plan to get a degree in the science field.


Pace Pinellas


"I’m on the Girls Leadership Council for Pace Pinellas and I help plan to do things for the girls at Pace. I also speak with different Pace programs all over the state.

I’m working hard to go to college after high school to become a vet and become more independent.

One of the many things I love about Pace is the hard-working staff. They really help support us girls to find our voices and help us strive to become someone we want to be or need to be."


Pace Polk


"I started Pace Polk in January 2020. Before coming to Pace, I struggled with controlling my emotions and communicating with others, which caused me to stress out. Since I have been at Pace, my grades have improved to A’s and B’s. I discovered my value and how powerful it is to be a woman. I enjoy the smaller classes, the learning environment, and having the opportunity to talk to my counselor at any time. After high school, I want to go into the medical field or become a teacher. Overall, I want to help others to become the best version of themselves."


Pace Treasure Coast


“I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for Pace.” Eliette started at Pace when she was in middle school. She was dealing with trauma related with bullying, needed to strengthen her relationship with her parents and get back on track academically. Early on, Eliette exhibited characteristics of a leader. Fearless about speaking up regarding things that matter to her, she constantly advocated for herself and others. Eliette also used her powerful voice through artistic expression, as an active member of the Performing Arts Team. Eliette was able to recover all academic credits needed to move into her right grade. She increased her self-esteem and blossomed into a leader. Now in high school, Eliette stays in close contact with the staff at Pace to share about her good grades and how successful she continues to be.


Pace Volusia-Flagler


"Before coming to Pace, I was going through a very difficult time and my depression was at a very bad peak. I was sleeping in all of my classes, and I had all F’s. Pace impacted me by providing me with strong role models and helping me to learn coping skills and social skills. During my time at Pace, I also became a role model for my younger peers. I would encourage them to do better in class and with their social skills. In Spring 2022, I will be enrolling in Daytona State College and will be going into Early Childhood Care and Development. I hope to be a Preschool Teacher. "


Pace Marion Social Services Manager


"I started with Pace in 2012 as an entry level program aide. My aspiration at the time was to be a counselor and make an even bigger impact with these girls on their journey to success. A few short years later I met that goal and entered one of the most rewarding phases of my career. Pace’s belief in its employees and empowering girls and women has now helped drive my success to higher levels. This year I was promoted to become Pace Marion’s social services manager. My goal now is to continue growing with this amazing organization!"


Pace Marion Board Chair

Pamela Currin

Pamela Calero Wardell is the chair of the Pace Marion Board. As Executive Director of the Reilly Performing Arts Center, she has helped enrich our girls and their family's lives, as well as our team members by providing opportunities to attend concerts and plays in our community. Her passion for Pace can be seen through her tireless fundraising efforts and by engaging with local artists and musicians to provide hands-on art activities for Pace girls.


Pace Palm Beach Board Secretary

Vivienne Ebanks

"My journey with Pace first began through a donation made by my work team through the Office Dept #DepotDifference program. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with the Pace girls through different endeavors such as Career Chats, Mentorship Movement, and Pace Day at the Capitol. Being able to teach young, underserved girls about the opportunities awaiting them after high school is a true passion of mine. I am now excited to deepen my role within the Pace Family as the new Secretary of the Board of Directors to help find the great in every girl!"


Pace Lee Board Member and Pace Mom

Jennifer Nelson

Pace Lee Board of Directors member and donor Jennifer Nelson knows the impact of Pace firsthand as the mother of her very own Pace girl. “As a single mom, I too have watched helplessly as my child changed due to experiences outside of my home and control.”

Jennifer started seeing changes in her daughter right before high school and what started with bullying turned into depression and bad choices. Before she knew it, her straight-A student was now bringing home poor grades.

“My daughter is an incredible young woman who grew up like many little girls with larger-than-life dreams,” says Jennifer. “However, being a teenage girl in today’s world is incredibly difficult. I knew I had to get her into a healthier environment, and Pace seemed like the right choice.”

With hard work and determination, her teenage daughter has propelled her life forward. Today she’s on track to graduate from Pace Lee and will start college courses at Florida SouthWestern State College.

“As a proud mom, I watched Pace restore my daughter’s confidence and desire to succeed,” says Jennifer. “As a proud board member, I continue to witness other Pace girls take back control and thrive. That’s why funding these programs is so important.”


Pace Broward Board Members

Allison & Andy Cagnetta

Allison and Andy Cagnetta came to Florida in 1995, and quickly became committed to their new community.

Andy was introduced to Pace when he had an opportunity to meet Aggie Pappas, Vice President of Program Innovation and Strategic Implementation. Andy knew right away that he needed to connect his wife Allison, with her counseling background and commitment to helping youth and families, with Pace Broward. Soon after, Allison began volunteering with Pace Reach Program Services, then started the middle school book club at Pace, and later joined the Board of Directors in 2016. Allison served as Vice Chair in 2019 and was recently made Board Chair in 2020.

In addition to their commitment to Pace Broward, Allison and Andy have shown their leadership and shared their expertise with United Way of Broward County, LifeNet4Families, and Junior Achievement of South Florida.

Our Work

The Girls Coordinating Council

Girls Deserve to be Understood in How They Learn and Experience the World


Since 2017, Girls Coordinating Councils (GCC) have been formed in various counties throughout Florida and Georgia. The Girls Coordinating Council is a community collaborative focusing on reforming and strengthening the system of care for girls and increasing the availability of gender-responsive, trauma-informed and strength-based services for girls.


This community collaborative effort brings together community stakeholders to identify and address specific issues affecting girls to influence the policies and practices that impact the well-being of girls. GCC also seeks to strengthen and promote community norms to ensure girls are socially, emotionally and physically healthy, educated and socio-economically stable.


We have active GCC programs in Palm Beach and Broward counties in Florida and in Macon and Peach counties in Georgia, and this model is being adopted in many communities as we expand outside of Florida, aligning with our goal of impacting more girls through innovation, continuous improvement and social impact.


Palm Beach

Involving Girls in the Process


To promote girls' participation in the Council, we created a Girls Voice Taskforce, a subcommittee of the GCC. The girls were selected through an application process. They met monthly and workshopped different topics like leadership development. Members of the GCC supported the work as Advisors. A virtual platform connected the girls and Advisors through this process.


CENTER Day Program

Pace's center-based day program provides year-round education, counseling and life skills training to offer comprehensive and individualized experience for success for middle and high school age girls.


Communities and growing



Were failing one or more classes prior to attending Pace

18% Had prior involvement with the juvenile justice system
58% Had been suspended or expelled



Improved academically at Pace

91% Had no involvement with the juvenile justice system one year after completing Pace
73% Were in school, higher education, or employed one year after completing Pace

REACH Program Services

Pace Reach Program Services is a therapeutic and counseling program offering social, emotional, behavioral health and support services for girls ages 11-17 and their families. Reach therapists travel to girls to provide services in their home, school or community, and also meet with girls online.


Communities and growing



Had prior involvement with the juvenile justice system

81% Had behavioral challenges associated with delinquency



Had no involvement with the juvenile justice system one year after completing Pace

99% Had improved behavior associated with delinquency after Pace

Pace Releases White Paper as Springboard for

Pace, in collaboration with Millway Plus, published Building Equitable Evidence of Social Impact, which explore how nonprofit organizations benefit from embracing participatory measures.

With the publication of this paper, Pace generated multiple articles and publications supporting feedback. Participatory feedback will continue to be an area of focus in 2022 as we continue to lead by elevating the voices of girls and young women.

Our Partnerships



Pace Center for Girls, Orange's partnership with the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation (OMYF) is important to the girls and young women Pace serves. The OMYF supports programs and organizations that empower families and change lives in Central Florida. This partnership has created unique opportunities for Pace to continue to provide academic, social and emotional support for girls and young women, as well as supports teachers with continued education training, specifically when dealing with youth that have underlying trauma.


Pace has been fortunate enough to be included in this valuable community grant for a second year, which is unprecedented in the Foundation's history. Pace Orange initially applied for $50,000 but due to stellar stewardship of funds during the pandemic, the Center was awarded $100,000.


"I'm going to try not to cry again," said Pace Orange, Executive Director, Rosene Johnson, who was brought to tears when she found out about the award. "That amount is really, truly, to me, is transformation because now it gives us that edge that we need to really take what we're doing over the top and to make sure that we don't have any girls fall behind. Again, I was beyond surprised. I was not ready."


Florida Blue Partnership


For more than 20 years, Florida Blue has supported Pace Center for Girls with meaningful funding, advocacy and employee engagement. And support in 2021 was no different. Florida Blue's investment in Pace helped grow and shape the strategy that strengthens communities across the state and directly impacts mental health services for girls and their families. As part of the annual 2021 All About Girls Summit, Florida Blue supported a special Girls Day and provided an opportunity for Aaliyah, a Pace girl, to moderate a panel of donors as they shared their career journeys. Not only did Aaliyah build her confidence as she interacted with her peers and panelists, but she heard experiences that will resonate with her for years to come.


"I just want to thank you for doing such an amazing job and motivating, inspiring, and opening the eyes of Pace girls to reality and the journey you all took to be successful because it really spoke to me, especially when you said 'choose your friends wisely'. It made me realize the people/environment you put yourself in can affect you and your future in many ways, either positive or negative; thank you so much for all that you do."

- Aaliyah, moderator and Pace girl


Just like the impact made on Aaliyah, Florida Blue's partnership goes beyond the donation, providing growth and change at the individual, organizational, statewide and national levels.

Partnership with State Farm Foundation

Strengthens our Community


One of Pace's nine values and guiding principles is Create Partnerships. Pace's partnership with The State Farm Companies Foundation created opportunities to empower our girls and provide support to some of our communities' most vulnerable citizens. Through an $85,000 grant, Pace worked with State Farm to design a statewide service-learning initiative which promoted leadership development, service and support of seniors in each of the communities Pace serves.


Pace girls, staff, State Farm agents and other community partners came together at each of our 21 Pace Centers, providing supplies, encouragement and leadership to create more than 2,300 care packages for seniors delivered.


"It felt good creating the COVID Care Packages. It shows our elders that there are kids out there who care for and respect them. We put things in there like compression socks, crossword puzzles and snacks that we thought they might like instead of what we might like. I just hope they like them."

- Harmony, age 15 | Pace Alachua


"I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I appreciate the bag of goodies that you brought today and I for one am so glad that people out there are thinking about us in a time like this. Since COVID hit, we've been on lockdown, which is harder on some of us more than others, but it's hard not being able to see friends and loved ones. Some of us have no family or friends in the area, so when we get gifts like this it shows me that someone out there still cares about us in here. So again, I just wanted to say Thank You very much from me and the others here at the nursing home."

- Care Package Recipient Broward County


Our Volunteers' Impact


Total accumulated volunteer hours


Total value of one volunteer hour*


Total Value

*Florida Dollar Value for one Volunteer Hour. SOURCE:



One Person's Advocacy can Make a Difference


Our volunteers generously give their gifts and abilities to support Pace in its life changing work. Volunteers are a vital extension of our Pace team, offering service in a variety of roles from helping with special events to directly mentoring our girls to serving as advocates.


Beth Peace is a server at Peach's in Bradenton. Beth learned about Pace when Peach's Restaurant joined as a Partner for the Lucky Ducky Race for Pace, and she soon began her own campaign to help the girls at Pace Manatee.


For over five years, for six weeks every year, Beth has shared the Pace story with everyone she meets. She has worn t-shirts, socks and even a themed hat to encourage all her loyal customers to adopt ducks for the Annual Pace Manatee Lucky Ducky Race. She shares about Pace to every guest, and they look forward to buying ducks every year. This year alone she adopted out over 1,300 ducks, raising almost $5,000, selling the 2nd Place duck in the process.


"I'm all in for the girls. I have 2 daughters and I want to sow the seeds of greatness for all girls!"


Because of Beth's efforts and her advocacy, she has introduced new supporters to the organization, and Pace Manatee can directly support more girls in need in the community.


Our Financials






A New Year of Impact

As we head into 2022, Pace would like to extend our most sincere thanks to our donors and to our board members. Their tireless support ensures we can continue to support the great in every girl this year and every year.

Click the link to the right to find a Pace location near you and learn more about our work. You can also meet our Board of Trustee members, as well as our 2021 donors!

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