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Pace Center for Girls Volusia – Flagler began serving girls and young women in 1996. Since our founding, the Volusia – Flagler Center has served more than 2,500 girls. We are proud of the accomplishments of our girls, many of whom have finished high school, are employed or continuing their education.


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Stories from Pace Volusia-Flagler
Joclyn's Story

Joclyn was born in Bloomington, Indiana, to a mother who was addicted to crack cocaine and marijuana. During the first five years of her life, she was physically abused and emotionally neglected. At times, her mom’s boyfriends would lock her and her siblings in a room with no food or water for days at a time. Thankfully, when Joclyn was 5, DCF removed her and her siblings from her mother’s care. Joclyn and her younger brother were placed in a foster home and were eventually adopted. Despite having a new and supportive family, the heartache from losing her biological mom continued to impact her.

Joclyn started lying, manipulating her family, and acting out. This strained her relationship with her adopted parents’ family and caused her to fall behind academically. In April of 2014, her mother, knowing she needed extra support, took her to a day treatment program to try to get her grades back on track. For the next four years of her life, Joclyn went from residential program to residential program and was Baker Acted three times. She spent her 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th birthdays in facilities instead of at home with her family.

In 2018, Joclyn started her journey at Pace Volusia and knew right away it would be like a second home for her. She appreciated that the team at Pace allowed her to unfold at her own speed. After she got to know the Pace staff, she was able to focus on her academics. Prior to coming to Pace, she received C’s, D’s, and F’s. Now, she’s back to making A’s and B’s. She says, “I’ve had a lot of opportunities at Pace that have inspired me. I have gone to the DJJ Council Meetings, spoken at board meetings, attended the Domestic Violence Abuse Council meetings, and I have done community service at homeless shelters and retirement homes. In June, I was the keynote speaker at the Believing In Girls Breakfast for my Pace Center.” Joclyn hopes to graduate from high school and college and obtain a master’s degree in counseling and mental health and secure a career working with at-promise youth in a DJJ facility to give back to what Pace has given to her.

Girls attend Pace to get appropriate counseling and education in a nurturing environment. To become enrolled, they must be between 11 to 17 years old, at least one year behind in school, and have 3 or more risk factors.

Risk factors are the underlying issues that lead girls to academic underachievement. These are issues such as: foster home placement, substance abuse (by girl or family member), domestic violence, incarceration of a family member, neglect, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, grief, emotional health concerns, low income, and more.