Is Pace For You?

Imagine getting your grades back on track, learning in a safe and supportive environment, and getting along better with friends and family. Pace is a place for you to put the past behind you and make a fresh start.

Here is what you can expect:

    • Small classes where your teachers care about you and understand how girls learn best
    • Counselors who will listen and help you achieve your goals
    • Emotional support – if you are having a bad day, the staff and girls at Pace will help you through it
    • A fun, engaging and positive learning environment
    • Friendships that will last a lifetime
    • Someone to turn to who knows and understands you
    • The freedom to speak up without being judged
    • Support in finding a job, applying to college and pursuing your future goals
    • Leadership opportunities

If you or a girl you know has experienced challenges in their home or school environment, Pace can help.


Here are some of the most common experiences Pace helps girls overcome:

    • School suspension or expulsion
    • Academic underachievement
    • Attendance concerns or truancy
    • Involvement with law enforcement or the Department of Juvenile Justice
    • Parent or sibling in prison or on probation
    • Personal or family mental health struggles
    • Suicidal thoughts
    • Self-harm or mutilation
    • Alcohol or drug use
    • Aggression or anti-social behavior
    • Family instability or conflict
    • Domestic violence
    • Physical or sexual abuse
    • Homelessness
    • Runaway behavior
    • Pregnancy or early initiation of sexual activity

At Pace, we know, that whether a girl has experienced academic or social obstacles, with the right support, each and every girl has the ability to thrive. If you or a girl you know is experiencing any of the above traumatic experience please reach out to Pace to see how we can help.