Reach Program Services

Pace's Reach Program Services offer social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health counseling to girls ages 11-17 and their families.

We deliver supportive therapy specifically designed for girls in middle and high school in a variety of convenient, easy-to-access locations, including in their home, school, community or online.

Pace Reach Program Services include:

  • Therapy services - individual, peer group and family support sessions
  • Individual goal setting and development of coping skills and strategies for future success
  • Development of skills to manage behavior in frustrating situations
  • Support with coordinating services to meet individual needs

Girls who participate in our programs improve their skills and ability to make healthy decisions and reduce harmful habits to their health, wellness and safety. Our holistic approach cares for physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, spiritual and relational development needs. We recognize that concerns in one area may impact others and require support to allow girls to fully develop into healthy adults.

Reach helps girls to:

  • Improve relationships with family and friends
  • Learn new communication skills
  • Build positive coping skills
  • Improve grades and create a plan for their future
  • Deal with stress and adversities