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Teacher Girls

Here at PACE Center for Girls, Inc. our Teachers and Counselors are the core of what we do.  Our Teachers are Highly Qualified and certified in their specific core subject area. The environment is unique to PACE and offers smaller classroom sizes, this allows teachers to cater to the learning styles of the Girls.  We encourage creativity in the classroom to inspire a more engaging learning environment. This enables our Teachers to work with our Girls in achieving their individual academic goals.  Our Teachers work in partnership with our Counselors to provide a holistic PACE experience, where the Academics and Social Services work in unison to offer wrap around services to our Girls .  Counselors meet with the Girls on a regular basis in both individual and group settings to address the emotional needs of our Girls.  Together the Counselors and Girls create an individualized plan to help them reach their goals and build skills to ensure the girls can be successful in whatever they may face in the future.  If a creative, collaborative, strength based, work environment sounds like what you have been looking for, you can view these and other career opportunities with PACE using the link below !

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Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonial 1 Felicia Wriley

Felicia Wriley"Being a former PACE student, I consider myself to be very fortunate to work for an organization that is by far one of the world's most life-changing places. For me, PACE changed my life as I was lost and afraid I would never be found.  In addition to PACE saving my soul, the skills I learned while enrolled in the program strengthened my bond with my family and gave me the tools necessary to evolve into the woman I am today. PACE's presence within the community has helped many young girls develop the skills needed to live productive, positive, lives." 

-Felicia Wriley, Program Assistant, PACE Broward

Employee Testimonial 2 Evelyn Bailer

Evelyn Bailey"PACE is a great place to work because it provides me with the opportunity to serve young people and pour love, support, and encouragement into the future leaders of tomorrow."

-Evelyn Bailey, Transition Counselor, PACE Miami

Employee Testimonial 3 Mona Major

Mona Major"I contribute daily to the mission of PACE by listening and caring for these girls.  I constantly tell them how smart, beautiful, special and important they are.  I give these girls my heart as they have truly changed my life for the better."

-Mona Major, Office Manager, PACE Orange

Employee Testimonial 4 James Kindelsperger

James C Kindelsperger"PACE has allowed me infinite opportunity to feel connected to the mission to help girls achieve their full potential. While I may not be on the front lines interacting with the girls on a day-to-day basis, I feel connected to those who are and by my actions, I am helping the girls better themselves through the counselors and teachers. PACE values its people and demonstrates it quite frequently. Whether it be through a birthday get together, a Christmas party, or a retreat where we ride go karts at 50 MPH, we are communal in our approach. This is true from the center level on up to headquarters. Living our mission instead of just reciting the words is how PACE operates and not all workplaces can honestly say that."

James Kindelsperger, Program Analyst, PACE Headquarters

Employee Testimonial 5 Sherry Giordano

Sherry Giordano"This is the best job I have ever had!!!  To have the opportunity to work with our "at-promise" girls who truly want to get as much out of their lives as possible is amazing and incredibly rewarding. To witness our girls' transformation from having a lack of confidence, no voices and not knowing how to cope with their circumstances to blossoming into beautiful butterflies of confidence, full voices and making great decisions to better their lives - it is truly an honor to be a part of their journey.  Our girls make me a better person - thank you PACE girls!"

-Sherry Thompson Giordano, Executive Director, PACE Miami

Employee Testimonial 6 Kimberly Bollmer

Kimberly Vollmer"At PACE you are more than just an employee, you are a lifesaver. Each day, you are given the opportunity to help nurture a girl's growth and provide an encouraging environment throughout her trials. You are given the honor to walk with each girl as she faces tremendous obstacles and the ability to celebrate her successes."

-Kimberly Vollmer, Program Director, PACE Marion

Employee Testimonial 7 Alexa Venski

Alexa Venski"The culture of PACE is like no other. As soon as you walk into a PACE Center, you feel the support and encouragement on every level. From the front desk to the classrooms to the counseling offices, there is a thread of empowerment that runs through the Center. Everyone is working toward the mission to improve girls' lives and you can see it in action in every department. Just as we encourage the girls, employees are also encouraged by leadership to be the best they can be, both professionally and personally."

-Alexa Venski, Social Services Manager, PACE Lee

Employee Testimonial 8 Tiffany Wagner

Tiffany Wagner"Exhibit Courage is my favorite PACE Value and Principle, because I see it every day in the girls who make the choice to come to PACE, in the staff that is here to support them, and in the community that is taking a chance on our mission with their various contributions. It takes great courage to do something that is different and to keep moving forward when there are so many forces trying to hold you back. Our girls are pioneers and warriors and they have decided to step up and make a change. They inspire me every day."

-Tiffany Wagner, Business Manager, PACE Clay

Employee Testimonial 9 Preferia Range

Preferia Range"PACE is a nice place to work because you can see girls' lives change for the better right before your eyes and that's a teacher's dream."

-Preferia Range, Reading Teacher, PACE Leon

Employee Testimonial 10 Ronald Ash

Ronald Ash"PACE recognizes its employees for not just success, but giving employees opportunity to grow as individuals and professionally."

-Ronald Ash, Regional IT Coordinator, PACE Headquarters


PACE provides more than just a fulfilling career.  Our employee benefits are designed to support our staff's personal needs, both in and out of the workplace.


  • Affordable Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage
  • Competitive Salaries
  • 403B Match
  • Employer Paid Life Insurance
  • Paid Time Off Program
  • Diverse Work Environment


Just as our programs help girls achieve more than they ever thought possible, our employee training programs nurture long-term professional growth.


  • Ambassador Program
  • Gender Responsive Training
  • Trauma Informed Training
  • Strength Based Training
  • Behavior Management Training
  • Supervisor Development Training