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A Summer of Inspiration: Merging Art and Nontraditional Learning in Math 

Summer break is a time for relaxation and rejuvenation, but it doesn’t have to be a break from learning. Pace’s year-round programming for girls ages 11-17 is crucial as it helps prevent learning loss, reinforces knowledge and skills, and provides opportunities for exploration and enrichment. 

New this summer, Pace Polk introduced “Art in Math,” a multidisciplinary learning incentive for girls. The immersive art experience led by Chloe Lynch, Program Assistant at Pace Polk, featured a famous artist each week and showcased how art relates to math.  

“Mathematics often conjures images of equations, formulas, and rigid problem-solving,” expressed Chloe. “However, incorporating art into math lessons introduces a creative twist that opens doors to a world of possibilities for our girls.” 

By integrating nontraditional and creative learning over the summer, we can: 

  • Foster Personal Growth: Nontraditional learning can offer unique experiences that challenge our girls to step out of their comfort zones, build resilience, and develop new skills. 
  • Bridge Educational Gaps: Creative learning can address educational gaps and inequalities. For girls who may lack access to certain resources, summer programs can provide additional support, resources, and experiences that contribute to their overall academic success. 
  • Promote Social Interaction: Art often involves group activities and collaborative projects. This fosters social interaction and teamwork, enabling our girls to build strong relationships and communication skills with their peers. 
  • Explore Career Interests: The “Art in Math” activities focused on career exploration, allowing girls to gain insights into different professions and industries. This exposure can help them make more informed decisions about their future educational and career paths. 

We spoke with Cailee, 14, a student at Pace Polk, who shared that her experience in Pace’s summer learning program offered more flexibility, allowing her to pursue topics and activities that align with her passions and preferences — one of those being art. 

“I think art is fun and beneficial because you get to see other people’s mindsets,” shared Cailee . “My favorite artist that we learned about this summer was Frida Khalo, a Mexican painter known for her many self-portraits. Her dedication to art and her community inspires me. I’ve learned at Pace that it doesn’t matter what background I came from and what I’ve been in the past — that I can be myself without any judgment.” 

Every day, our exceptional team of educators, counselors and therapists, work to create inclusive spaces that help girls realize and harness their power.  

Are you a girl who’s interested in Pace? Do you know a girl who may benefit from our programs? Click here to learn more about life at Pace and how you can enroll. 

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