Local artists come together to empower students at Pace Center for Girls Broward

March 22, 2021
Broward Art Project

Local artists have been hard at work to support Pace Center for Girls, Broward. Each artist has added their unique talent and inspiration to the Center's Empowerment Project, creating visions of empowerment, love, and hope. Artists like Talia. It is my hope that this project will start public dialogue about the girls here at Pace,” says Talia Ore, a Miami-born artist specializing in custom creations from large to small scale. “My mural depicts a princess reading a story. The pages are illuminated and read: ‘This princess writes her own fairytale. I want every girl to know that her voice... can change the world.’ It is meant to empower young women to take charge of their destiny, speak up, and know [that] the weight of their impact here on the world can be great!” Talia joins other local artists for the Believing in Girls Empowerment Project.