Pace Manatee: Gifts from the Heart

While 2020 has presented many challenges, Pace Center for Girls Manatee's strength-based programs have remained focused on empowering girls and young women to embrace change, find their voice and achieve their full potential.

Together, we can secure a bright future for girls in Manatee County.  Please consider donating to our Pace girls this year in place of what might have been your 2020 Believing in Girls contribution, and invite your friends and family to join us in fulfilling this need within Manatee County.


The first $7,500 donated will be matched. All donations will directly benefit Pace programs.

How You Can Support
  • $5,000: Your donation will make an investment in Pace’s General Operating Budget, ensuring services will continue for girls who need Pace.
  • $1000: Your donation can support a girl and her family with therapy for three months, giving her a save place to overcome her trauma.
  • $500: Your donation can provide educational materials to help girls get back on track academically.
  • $250: Your donation can purchase a bus pass for one year, providing daily transportation for a girl to attend Pace.
  • $100: Your donation can support incentives to reward girls who are achieving goals.

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