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Pace Center for Girls Collier is located in the rural community of Immokalee, Florida and was founded in 1998. During the early years the Immokalee center served 35 girls and since then the center has grown to serve 67 girls every day. Led by Executive Director, Marianne Kearns, M.Ed. Pace Collier’s 23 staff consists of Masters level counselors and a full academic teaching staff. Working together, Pace Collier enables these young women to complete their education, build self-esteem, and develop personal, social and family relationship skills. Our one of a kind center includes a state of the art kitchen and a gymnasium. Two healthy meals are provided each day along with a growing physical education program where HS credits are being offered to our girls. The Pace Collier center strives to provide these services and more in a safe and loving environment.

Our Passion

Pace Collier has served more than 2,000 girls, since opening in 1998. One of those 2,000 girls is Isabel and her story is truly remarkable.


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Pace Center for Girls - Collier at Immokalee

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Diana Decorah-Cruz, Intake Counselor




Stories from Pace Collier
Luz's Story

At 13, Luz was behind academically and had gone into a state of depression, but then she found Pace. At first, she was quiet and struggled to ask for help and open up to her counselor. After getting on track, she transitioned to the Public High School but quickly found her grades slipping because of the newly adopted Online Learning. Now back at Pace, “I was able to crawl out of my depression with the help of Pace. I am now caught up in school and doing 11th-grade work, where I’m supposed to be. The teachers and staff here really make all the difference. Everyone is here for each other, which makes it easier for you to understand the lesson and get your work done.” With the help of the Pace team, Luz is on track to graduate in 2022.

Girls attend Pace to get appropriate counseling and education in a nurturing environment. To become enrolled, they must be between 11 to 17 years old, at least one year behind in school, and have 3 or more risk factors.

Risk factors are the underlying issues that lead girls to academic underachievement. These are issues such as: foster home placement, substance abuse (by girl or family member), domestic violence, incarceration of a family member, neglect, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, grief, emotional health concerns, low income, and more.