Once a Pace Girl, Always a Pace Girl

We treasure the success and community of the strong women who were once a Pace girl and will always be a Pace girl. Your experience at Pace will remain a part of your strength and greatness as you move forward in life. Pace will help you build goals to follow your passions and your dreams. And no matter where those dreams take you, Pace will be there for you because "Once a Pace girl, Always a Pace Girl."

Pace Girl Stories
Victoria's Story

"Before coming to Pace, I was skipping school [and] experimenting with drugs. I was constantly running away from home and was admitted to a mental health center. I lost my father when I was 17 months old and, while growing up, I had a terrible relationship with my mother. At 15, I was referred to Pace Center for Girls Broward. Even though I was supposed to be in 10th grade, I enrolled as a freshman in high school because my credits were so low.

"Through the help of the teachers, counselors and staff at Pace, I grew to [be] the person I am today. I worked with my counselor to talk about my personal life, cope with my dad’s death, and build healthy relationships. I am now happy and have a better relationship with my mom. She is my best friend; we can talk about anything. I graduated from Pace earlier than expected in December 2019 and started classes at Broward College in January 2020. I plan to become a nurse because I want to help others and make a difference."

Makaila's story

Makaila came to Pace Citrus with near failing grades. She was raised by her grandmother and lacked confidence and self-esteem. During her time at Pace, she has raised almost all of her grades into the A/B level and spent time learning about healthy relationships, self-care and confidence. She has made great progress in her time with Pace and her future is bright.

Sabrina's story

Sabrina enrolled at Pace Broward three years ago and through hard work and extra support from her care team and the team at Reach Healthy Youth Transition program, she plans to graduate and continue her education in hopes of becoming a social worker. In her time at Pace, she’s represented and advocated for the program at several public speaking events, including the Future First TV Show, Girls Coordinating Council Report Launch, and the In Solidarity We Rise conference.