Pace's Culture

Girls at Pace are Driving a Culture of Positive Outcomes 

Pace is committed to finding the great in every girl. Each Pace community and every Pace team member is part of a collective culture focused on girls and their needs. The Pace culture plays a significant role on the impact to our girls, shaping their future. Their voice and perspective are always at the forefront.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Stanford Social Innovation Review recently published How Listening to Constituents Can Lead to Systems Change ( This article co-written by Pace leadership and pulled from Pace’s co-authored Building Equitable Evidence of Social Impact paper demonstrates how listening to participants allows nonprofits to go beyond the “what” of change to the “how and why,” the first step toward changing unjust systems.


Pace values the uniqueness of every individual and believes that diversity enriches our world. We welcome and encourage our differences to be expressed as an opportunity for us all to learn and grow.

Pace's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion empowers every girl to find and use their voice to create a positive impact in their community and the world. Lifting a generation of voices for change. Change that will create a world where all girls and young women have Power, in a Just and Equitable society.


The Pace Culture 

The culture at Pace is one of Caring, Purpose, Learning and Results. 

Caring - Focus on relationships and mutual trust. Environments are warm, collaborative, and welcoming places where people help and support one another.  

Purpose - Exemplified by idealism and altruism. Environments are tolerant, compassionate places where people try to do good for the long-term future of the world.  


Learning - Characterized by exploration, expansiveness, and creativity. Environments are inventive and open-minded places where people spark new ideas and explore alternatives.  


Results - Characterized by achievement and winning. Environments are outcome-oriented and merit-based places where people aspire to achieve top performance.