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girls resizedAt PACE Center for Girls, we have developed a nationally recognized, research-based non-residential program model that features a balanced emphasis on academics and social services, with a focus on the future for middle and high-school aged girls and young women.

The foundation of PACE is our gender-responsive culture where we provide a safe environment that celebrates girls. PACE offers services that take into account how girls learn and develop and our supportive staff members respond to and celebrate each girl’s strengths and challenges.

The holistic, strength-based, and asset building PACE program model addresses the needs of girls and has garnered recognition nationally as one of the most effective programs in the country for keeping girls from entering the juvenile justice system.


We Provide


Our model emphasizes goal setting with an ongoing assessment and improvement process to identify each girl’s strengths and challenges. We then provide her with the best possible support based on her individual needs and ambitions.


PACE provides daily instruction and individualized education plans taught by certified teachers, and our initiatives align with requirements of local school districts. But we don't stop there. Small classes, one-on-one guidance and specially tailored education plans help girls realize their full academic potential.


PACE’s life management curriculum teaches girls make positive decisions and lifestyle choices. Our Spirited Girls! classes teach girls how to better navigate real life, tackling topics such as self esteem, conflict resolution, personal grooming, relationship building and so much more.


Volunteer and service-learning opportunities help girls develop a strong connection with their local community while teaching them the power of serving others.


PACE helps girls prepare for a lifetime of success. Career preparation and exploration, school-to-work readiness skills training, and assistance with finding, applying, and interviewing for jobs, give PACE girls the edge they need to move forward.


Ongoing case management services for girls and their families connects them with the local resources and services they need most.


Peer pressure, family conflict, victimization, abuse - we know that girls face increasingly tough challenges. Individual and group counseling services provide girls with tools to help them respond appropriately and confidently  to obstacles in their lives.


Girls need support at home to be optimally successful. That's why ongoing parental involvement is an integral part of the care plan for each girl. Counselors maintain regular contact with parents or guardians through phone calls and in-person meetings.


PACE offers social services, academics and a focus on the future. We provide ongoing case management to support girls once they transition from PACE back to their home school, or into higher education or the workforce.

PACE Girls Rock !

At PACE, you can step off the path you are on and find a new path to success.

  • PACE is free!
  • PACE provides academics and other activities designed exclusively for girls!
  • PACE will give you a chance to re-group, catch up in school, and be ready to find the success we know you can achieve.  We'll give you the support you need now and help you make a plan for your future.
  • You will meet friends that you will have for life!  Once a PACE girl, always a PACE girl.
  • Get the support you deserve from caring staff, teachers, and personal counselors!


Once you are on a path to success, you can rejoin your home school.   If you are close to graduation, you can complete high school and start planning for college or a career.

PACE girls improve their grades, graduate, and go on to college or begin careers. You, too, will find success at PACE.


Once a PACE girl, always a PACE girl!

Membership in PACE is girls only.  Join over 37,000 girls who have had the same experiences as you and found success.  Their futures are bright.  You can be next.


Where the future shines and the past fades!

Imagine getting your grades back on track, being in a safe environment, and getting along better with friends and family.  PACE is a place to put the past behind you and make a fresh start.  We offer:

  • Small classes where your teachers care about you, know your name, and understand how girls learn.
  • A personal counselor who will listen to you and help you through tough times.
  • Emotional support: if you are having a bad day, the staff at PACE and the PACE girls will help you get through it.
  • A fun learning environment.
  • Friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • Less boy drama, therefore fewer distractions in finding success.
  • Someone to turn to who knows and understands you.
  • The freedom to speak up without being judged.






Values & Principles


We value and promote the female perspective by respecting its distinct needs, creating safe and gender-responsive environments, and celebrating the female experience.


We identify strengths in our girls, their families, our staff, and our supporters. Using these strengths as our foundation, we build strong, confident, and productive community participants.


We believe that all actions and decisions must be guided by the highest ethical principles, respecting the uniqueness of all involved and honoring each other's differences.


We believe that everyone is capable of remarkable growth, and only by encouraging change can individuals, organizations and society reach their full potential.


We understand that patience can be as powerful as immediate action, and each has its place. We value the discernment required for their effective use.


Courage is essential to making a difference. It enables us to speak for those who cannot, take risks to do what is right, deliver just and fair consequences, and be accountable for our actions.


We strive for excellence in all we do by holding true to our mission while consistently meeting high standards of performance, reflecting critically upon our accomplishments, seeking innovative solutions, and believing all things are possible.


We believe in developing effective partnerships and long-term relationships by listening to our staff, our girls and their families, and our communities, incorporating each person's input and involving them in our decision-making process.


We work to create an environment that fosters the long-term growth and development of our girls, staff, agency, and communities. We believe this is necessary to create results that have lasting impact.

Do you want to recommend a bright future for a girl in your life?

Find a PACE Center near you and contact us today to learn how PACE may be right for a girl you love.


The PACE Literary Magazine

As part of the curriculum at PACE, girls are encouraged to express themselves through creative outlets, such as art and poetry. This provides them with an opportunity to acknowledge their past while focusing on their future.  Click the cover image on the left to view the latest edition of the PACE Literary Magazine.  All submissions are originak works of art and literature from PACE girls throughout Florida. 

If you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may do so here.

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