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15PACE Center for Girls publishes many reports through out the year. 

Outcome Measures report, in detail, the many achievements seen in the Centers along with the many obstacles PACE girls face in their lives.

The Portrait of Risk report provides a snapshot of the many risk factors that the girls face, such as academic underachievement, family issues, and abuse.

PACE Annual Reports summarize the organization's yearly accomplishments in providing girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy.

The PACE Newsletter provides information about the work being done with girls at risk, as well as updates on PACE's activities statewide.




Evidence First: Keeping Girls out of the Justice System

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Girls are making up a larger share of the juvenile justice system than ever before. One program that’s trying to address this issue is the PACE Center for Girls in Florida. Press play above to hear the podcast.

Turning Around the Lives of Survivors of Sex Trafficking

turning around lives

The Florida Legislature has shown an admirable determination to improve the state’s treatment of victims of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. The PACE Center for Girls Inc., which for nearly 30 years has successfully helped teen-aged girls at risk for delinquency, dependency and sexual exploitation, offers its perspective and knowledge in support of the Legislature’s goal.

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A Summary: Helping Survivors of Sex Trafficking

helping survivors

The issue of a “secure” residential facility has created a great deal of concern, partly on grounds of due process and partly on the most effective way to identify and support trafficking survivors.
Deep-end treatment in an involuntary commitment is the most expensive, bureaucratic, constitutionally troublesome, and least desirable approach. Litigation alone may ensure the failure of this approach. A single-year pilot program will not provide enough data or the right data.

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Status Offenses and the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act: The Exception That Swallowed the Rule

JJDPA exception

An article in the Seattle Journal for Social Justice.

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  Annual Reports


FY 2014 Annual Report Cover

The PACE Annual Report is available in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you need to obtain this software please click here.  Additional Form 990's for the title holding companies can be found here.


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