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PACE Center for Girls, Inc. is a community-based, non-residential prevention, diversion, and early intervention program in the state of Florida.  PACE serves over 2,000 girls each year in 19 locations around the state as an alternative to incarceration by providing therapeutic support services, individualized and group counseling, a gender-specific life management curriculum, academic education, individualized attention, parental involvement, community service and 3 years of follow up transition services.  
PACE supports the mission of the Department of Juvenile Justice by preventing juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, academic failure, and welfare dependency.

PACE reduces the number of girls entering the juvenile justice system and reduces the significant long term costs associated with teen pregnancy, substance abuse, dropping out of school and unemployment and long term economic dependency.

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As I reflect on how I Act with Integrity and Positive Intent, I am drawn to the thought of leadership and what it means to be a leader and how I exemplify leadership. A leader is not always an elected official, but it can be someone like myself who is a regular girl that others want to consistently follow for new trends and ideas and because I inspire within them steadfast loyalty. I am confident, decisive, caring, and an expert. As I go through life, both in school and out of school, I make it a consistent habit to observe what is going on and what needs to be done and then I rise to the occasion to accomplish it and get it done. Here at PACE I am very involved in school activities where I express not only my leadership but my willingness to help and to demonstrate with my actions what it means to act with integrity and positive intent as I continuously display competence, compassion, and courage in all that I do.







Maira came to PACE in August of 2014 looking for a place to use her skills and talents to succeed. Maira started at PACE as an 8th grade with the goal of starting high school as soon as possible. For the first few months of Maira’s time at PACE, attendance was a huge concern. Maira struggled to come to school on a daily basis which greatly affected her school work. With the constant encouragement and praise of all the PACE staff members, Maira was soon well on her way to achieving her  goal. Maira used the PACE Guiding Principle “Focus on Strengths” to focus on her academic talents. Since her enrollment, Maira has significantly improved her attendance and has excelled academically, earning straight As currently. Congratulations, Maira; PACE is so proud of your accomplishments!


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 Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Spirits of PACE Wine Tasting

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rock n' Bowl Throw Back Jam

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bingo benefitting PACE Hillsborough 

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PACE Center for Girls, Hillsborough is pleased to announce our newest program, PACEWorks! In striving for excellence in all we do, including providing PACE girls with the opportunity to cultivate skills to reach career goals, attain employment, and higher education, we have created PACEWorks, a vocational education program focusing on these areas.

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