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PACE Center for Girls Escambia is located in Pensacola, FL and was founded in 1995. Since opening, PACE Escambia has served over 500 girls in our community. The center is located on the beautiful Pensacola State College Campus.

PACE Escambia is one of 19 centers across Florida.  For more information on our statewide organization, click here.  For more information about PACE Escambia click here .

To contact us call (850) 478-7060 or click here for more contact information. Girls or others interested in attending or making a referral to PACE Escambia please contact the Center and fill out the following referral form.


Dreama has set the stardard of what a PACE girls should be. She exhibits all the PACE principles that guide us each day. She is doing great academically but what stands out most about Dreama is here ability to create partnerships with her PACE sisters. Dreama is always one of the first people to welcome a new face to PACE. She exhibits a warm smile and postive attitude towards everyone at the Center and is truely a GEM to our program! You go girl!


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There is no better time than the Holidays here at PACE Center for Girls. The girls faces light up when it's time to start decorating the classroom doors, Christmas tree and most importantly their Christmas shoe boxes. 

This year we were overwhelmed by the amount of donations we received to fill the girls show boxes with!

Laurie, our Executive Director said it best, "Who needs Dasher, Dancer or even Rudolph to "deliver" for Christmas when we have our board, community, and PACE friends involved?"

The girls were estatic when they receive their gifts before they left for break, and we were so excited to watch them open them.

The people who gave really made 2014 the best PACE Christmas EVER!


Want it! Love it! Gotta Have it!-- And our community did just that! PACE's 7th Annual Bag It raised right under $30,000 to support PACE Education. We are thrilled with the outcome of the event and welcomed many new PACE friends. Thank you ladies for supporting us by grabbing that bag you just gotta have!

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Special thank you to our wonderful Bag It Committee and Board of Directors who work tirelessly to create such a fantastic event.




Through our partnership with the Gulf Coast Diplomacy Council we were able to host a visit by some of what we now consider “our friends” from Brazil.

This experience was so meaningful to all – our guests, the staff and the girls.  These type experiences are what makes PACE so awesome.

Our girls got to connect on a personal level with people from another country – that never would have happened for them had they not been here.

Thanks for supporting PACE and our girls allowing growth and learning to happen every PACE day.

Laurie Rodgers

Executive Director

Pace Center for Girls Escambia/Santa Rosa